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MREs From Heaven for Haiti—Act Now!


Using “Fluttering” to Feed Disaster Victims—The Tri-wall Aerial Delivery System

TRIADS Air-DropAccording to an Associated Press news story, two weeks after the quake, some of the Haiti food aid is still locked in warehouses or being stolen by thugs. This is not surprising, and is to be expected in a disaster like this—especially one where all the prisons collapsed.

This is a crying shame, because the U.S. Military has a way to distribute the food fairly, so that everyone can get at least some food, without the machete-wielding thugs grabbing it in bulk.

Fluttering food is the process of dropping foil-wrapped packets of food directly from the rear of cargo aircraft, so that the food is distributed widely such that gangs, thugs, and the military can’t monopolize access to the supplies.

This 4-minute YouTube video shows it being used in Afghanistan during 2001, with a C-17 dropping tens of thousands of food packets:

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