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Why liberals should love the Second Amendment (Daily Kos)


The very liberal site Daily Kos ran an opinion piece on gun control this past Sunday, that has done about the best job I’ve ever seen at pointing out the hypocrisy many liberals have when it comes to one particular item in the Bill of Rights.

In Why liberals should love the Second Amendment, Kaili Joy Gray compares the liberal’s interpretation of the 2nd Amendment with how they interpret the First, Third, Fourth, Ninth, Tenth, Thirteenth, and Twenty-Sixth Amendments—all of which Gray argues that liberals would throw a hissy-fit over if one were to suggest limiting them or not applying them broadly to all citizens.

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    2010-07-15 17:02

    Dear Dr. Bill,
    Our ship has been enjoying your reason and show for years up in the Bering Sea [AK]. We receive your [SSB] “skip” during the nights. I invite you to friend me [and my crew] on facebook. Best wishes to you, and thanks for your continual agreement with good reason. Take care.


    R.D. Schrecengost

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