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How We Became Involved in the Womack Case

I started several years ago, having been inspired by
listening to Bill Wattenburg’s radio show for many years. I decided to create a
web site to document his various campaigns and other matters covered on his
show. Shortly after discovering just what a predicament Mr. Womack was in and
alerting his listeners to the issue, Bill contacted me to help document the case
on this Web site for all the world to see. What follows is Bill’s description of
how he took notice of the case.—Peter K. Sheerin, Webmaster


by Bill Wattenburg, KGO Radio

Would you like to know how your life, family, and home can be destroyed by
official outlaws posing as environmental cops? Would you like to see how these
modern-day American Gestapo agents make a mockery out of the judges and courts
that you thought would protect your rights as citizens? Would you like to see
how high public officials and public agencies are allowed to violate the
environmental laws that are imposed on private citizens. Would you like to see
how thousands of good citizens and many responsible law enforcement officials
are now providing tons of information to this website to correct this injustice?
We ask you to join us.

Read the official documents posted on this website. Read the news stories
from a proud and courageous small-town newspaper, the Amador County Ledger
Dispatch, that blew this story open. These will make you sick if you ever
believed in justice for ordinary citizens—if you ever believed that your judges
and courts will protect your rights. Read how a whole community turned its back
on its neighbors while they were being attacked by an army of
idiots, but vicious
Gestapo agents—with the official blessings of a lazy court. Read how this
community, and all its officials, have now brought the long arm of federal
agents to their doorstep to see that all of them are obeying the laws they
gleefully imposed on a few.

Read how the District Attorney of Amador County has been forced to admit that
“agents in his office” used the state criminal justice computer files to
intimidate citizens that made public protests about Mr. Womack’s treatment

The Womack case described on this site is the most outrageous Nazi-style
persecution and intimidation of a private citizen, his family, and friends that
I have ever seen in twenty-nine years on west coast radio and television. The
official documents posted on this website show how the so-called environmental
laws are being used to intimidate, blackmail, and punish selected victims
without ever allowing the victim to appear before a judge and jury. Amador
County superior court judges authorized search warrants that allowed Gestapo
agents posing as environmental saviors to raid and assault several families, not
once, not twice, but three times and counting.

And, all the while, the same Amador county officials, and maybe even the
court officials, knew that the county was deliberately violating the same laws.
Look at the official letters and
documents that prove these violations at the Amador County airport

Contributors to this website have now allowed us to uncover a
government-sponsored secret police, designed to attack private citizens, that is
operating state-wide with the official blessing and encouragement of the
California EPA.

This investigation of the Womack case on KGO Radio led to the discovery of a
state-wide secret police force organized by the California EPA and the U.S.
Attorney’s office. Most elected public officials and the heads of many law
enforcement agencies told KGO Radio that they were not even aware the these
special environmental storm troopers existed. Elected public officials are
routinely excluded from the meetings of these “multi-agency task forces” where
they plan commando style raids on selected private landowners (but never public
officials or public agencies in gross violation of the same laws). These “task
forces” have been set up in every county of California.

Then, we discovered an
Cal/EPA manual
which instructs prosecutors how to entrap and intimidate
selected victims so that they will buckle, pay huge fines (levied not by a
judge, but by the secret police), and admit to crimes—thereby precluding
troublesome judges and juries from meddling in the proper business of the secret
police. This Cal/EPA manual was quickly modified on their website the day after
KGO Radio alerted the public to its existence and showed evidence of violations
by public agencies that were not being prosecuted by the Cal/EPA secret police.

But, most shocking of all: We discovered that no one is prosecuting public
officials and public agencies that violate the same environmental laws. The
environmental cops at all levels look the other way at their buddies on the
public payroll—while they are arresting and punishing private landowners for
lesser so-called crimes. All this flies in the face of the federal EPA whose
pompous pronouncements say that public agencies will be investigated and forced
to comply first of all.

To make sure that the law is applied equally, concerned citizens are now
reporting to this website serious violations by public officials and public
agencies that were never even investigated by the Cal/EPA secret police.

On the night of January 31, 1999, it was disclosed on the air on KGO Radio
that Amador County officials were continuing to use the old underground fuel
tanks at the Amador County airport. This is long after the January 1, 1999,
deadline for closure of such tanks. These appeared to be the same Amador County
officials who were aiding and blessing the persecution of Robert Womack for
removing an EPA-approved tank that could not possibly be a threat in any way to
the environment. Anonymous informants said that everyone in the county
courthouse knew about this notorious felony violation of the law by the
county—while they were rubbing their hands with glee over the prosecution of
Womack and other citizens.

I guarantee you that the official documents and verified news reports here
will instill fear in you when you discover what so-called law enforcement agents
can do to you if they decide that they just don’t like you—with the full
blessing of the courts. I have never met Mr. Womack or any of the other
defendants and players in this sad story. I probably never will. That is not the
point. The record speaks for itself.

Take a good look at the unbelievably vulgar and just plain chickenshit,
low-life behavior of the Amador county officials and the hired-gun DA prosecutor
in this vicious panty raid on the rights of private individuals. Their only
crime was to refuse to bow down and kiss the asses of these boot-clicking
American Nazis clothed in law enforcement uniforms. The sickening thing is that
all the raids by these modern Gestapo agents were authorized by superior court
judges who have a history of defending citizens rights in the past. The kindest
interpretation is that they just went to sleep at the switch.
Read the outrageous, almost
comical, affidavits
given to these judges to justify search warrants of
people’s property.

I refused to believe the absurdities of this story when a caller to KGO Radio
first told me about it in October 1998. Several more callers from Amador County
pleaded with me to take a look at what was happening. l felt that they were
making up the story. Then I received several news stories from the
Amador County Ledger Dispatch newspaper. These
news reports described how a roving, so-called environmental prosecutor, called
David Irey, had called 62 witnesses before a grand jury to indict a man called
Robert Womack and his helpers for removing a fuel tank from the ground with a
permit from the City of Jackson, California. Womack was being indicted for
felonies because he did not get some sort of additional permits from bureaucrats
in the county of Amador! His home had been raided by an army of armed, so-called
police officers led by a California Highway Patrol investigator of some sort.

I couldn’t believe the Womack story. I called the Amador courthouse. It was
true. Then I was told that the underground fuel tank that Womack removed in the
course of tearing down an old service station was already an EPA-approved
double-walled tank that had been installed by the previous owner of the property
under permit from the City of Jackson. I called state water quality control
officials and federal EPA officials and asked them if the environmental laws
were intended to punish someone under these circumstances. Both said no. Their
regulations and laws were designed to get people to replace old underground fuel
tanks with new EPA-approved tanks that would not leak. Telephone contacts at
both state and federal agencies said in effect: “Who gives a damn if the tank
has already been upgraded to the EPA standard as we require. Give the man a
medal. Thousands have not upgraded their underground tanks as yet. Those are the
ones we are worried about.

I decided to put this story on the air to the west coast over KGO Radio 810
AM in early December 1998 when I learned that citizens in Amador county were
being intimidated by the arrogant prosecutor Irey solely because these citizens
had written letters to their local newspaper protesting the prosecutor’s
actions. Irey actually sent Amador DA investigators to the citizens homes to
notify them that they were to appear before the grand jury. The
grand jury transcript shows in gory
detail how this slobbering idiot prosecutor, who can not even form a complete
sentence, proceeds to intimidate letter writers. His victims admit that they
would be afraid to use their first amendment rights again.

So, I began to inquire about who this prosecutor was and why he and the
Amador County DA investigators were doing this. Almost immediately they turned
more aggressive toward Mr. Womack, as if they now had to finish him off quickly.
He was presented with the grand jury indictment on 19 counts in mid-January 1999
(read the outrageous indictment). The
next day, his home was raided a second time by a team of ten so-called
law-enforcement people with weapons drawn, as if they were closing in on a
violent criminal. Mr. Womack and his wife stood by quietly while the “officers”
led by CHP “investigator” Russell Moore ripped apart their house desperately
looking for something that could be used to charge Womack with further crimes.
At least one “officer” in this “multi-task force” team seemed to enjoy roaming
his hands through Mrs. Womack’s underwear drawer for long periods of time. Mrs.
Womack’s private diary was taken. It contained her most heartfelt emotions about
her life and family. No inventory was given to the Womack’s describing the many
items that had been taken by the assault team during the first raid on the home.

Incidentally, we have never met Mr. Womack, and probably never will.
What happened to him is told by the press reports and official court documents
posted on this Web site.

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