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Using Freedom Phones and PINs to Root Out Terrorists

How to Find Osama bin Laden and Other Terrorists with Methods that Guarantee Anonymity for Informants

Immediately after the WTC attack on September 11, many top scientists and Middle East experts in the U.S. suggested and recommended the anonymous reward scheme described below to encourage those with information on the identity and whereabouts of terrorists to provide this information to U.S authorities such as the FBI.

September 30, 2001

A Quick Way to Strike Terror in the Hearts of the Terrorists By Supplying Potential Informers With Secure Communication That Guarantees Anonymity Plus Large Rewards.
The Cost is Small.
Top U.S. Scientists Believe This Must be Done Immediately.

Executive Summary

A unique, user-manufactured "informer PIN" number system is described that allows all informers to remain completely anonymous, so they know for sure that they and their families will be safe from the terrorists. They can even collect large rewards for valuable information anonymously, by supplying nothing more than their “informer PIN” as identification.

This system was created by scientists from our national laboratories, then vetted by Middle East experts.

This "informer PIN" system can be used in any country where citizens have access to anonymous public phones. This program costs nothing to implement immediately. It will be most effective when it is widely publicized. Close associates of terrorists will have somewhere to go for million-dollar rewards with no chance of being identified.

For terrorist-controlled regions such as Afghanistan, large numbers of simple "informer cell phones" that can be dropped by airplanes to offer large rewards to informers for information on terrorist leaders, at very little expense and no danger to U.S. personnel.

Worldwide satellite cell phone systems, such as Iridium, are already in place to receive the calls. We can quickly produce millions of basic "informer cell phones" for the price of throwaway cameras, less than $30 each. These will automatically connect to an operator with just the push of one button. Informers simply leave a voice message with no complicated dialing required.

Terrorist leaders will know the fear that they can be betrayed at any time by citizens who formerly had no secure communication–or by their own henchmen who can safely collect large rewards here on earth instead of only in "suicide heaven".

The Informer PIN Scheme

The unique PIN number scheme described below to encourage and reward informers is not the usual PIN number procedure used for Bank ATM’s and financial accounts to verify the identity of the user. The “Informer PIN” scheme proposed herein is exactly the opposite. The “Informer PIN” is made up by a person and known only to him so that the agencies that he communicates with will never know his identity.

The simple procedures described below remove the major fear felt by most informers that some one in the government can learn or reveal his identify and/or someday reveal his identity to those who could harm him. The “Informer PIN” allows him to safely transmit information and collect a reward without ever being identified.

The informer can transmit information over anonymous public phones with complete confidence that his identity will not be disclosed even when he collects his reward. In terrorist-dominated countries, informers can use special “informer cell phones” described later in this report.

The only requirements for implementing the Informer PIN number scheme are widely publicized instructions on how to make up a PIN and use it. The following is one example of how the PIN system can be implemented and how the instructions should be publicized worldwide:

Making Up A PIN Number

  1. Open a telephone book to any page and pick any seven-digit telephone number from the middle of the page, such as 335-1234. Do this a second time to get a second seven-digit number.
  2. Put the two numbers together to get a fourteen-digit number.
  3. Scramble the digits in this 14-digit number the way you shuffle a deck of cards. Make sure that your final number does not begin with a zero. This fourteen-digit number is now your personal PIN number.

For added security, you can make up a PIN number as long as 20 digits if you like, but it must be at least 14 digits. For reasons explained below, no one in the government will need to know more than the first 8 digits of your PIN while communicating with you to tell you how to collect a reward. Hence, the chance that someone can guess the remaining digits of your PIN is less than one-in-a-million for a 14-digit PIN and less than one-in-a-billion for a 20-digit PIN.

In your PIN do not use numbers such as social security numbers, birth dates, ages, passport numbers or any other numbers associated with you or your family. These numbers could identify you or your family.

Write down your PIN number someplace that is very secure, someplace where no one else will find it. Do not try to remember this number without writing it down for future reference. You will need your PIN number to collect a reward if you provide information about terrorists or terrorism that is valuable to the U.S. government. It is highly unlikely that
anyone can guess your PIN number—unless you tell them the number.

Using the PIN Number to Submit Tips

Transmit your information about terrorists or their locations be calling the following toll-free number 1-800-xxx-yyyy, or call a local FBI office, police department, or any U.S. government agency or embassy. You can also send a letter or e-mail to any of these agencies. If you call, use a public telephone far away from your home so that no one will be able to identify you as the caller. Do not give your name or address or any information that could lead to you unless you want to be contacted by authorities. At the end of your message give your PIN number. Repeat your PIN number at least 2–3 times so that there can be no mistake. Ask the person who answers your call to repeat your PIN number back to you to be sure he has correctly recorded it with your message.

The largest rewards will be paid for messages that provide the most complete and accurate information that lead to legal arrests and convictions. Identify terrorists by name and address or the foreign country in which they are located so that U.S. authorities can check the accuracy of the information you provide. If you are reporting on a terrorist who was not born in the U.S., provide his or her country of origin and when and where he or she arrived in the U.S. Provide the names of all people who might know the terrorist and his activities.

How to Learn Whether Your PIN Has Earned a Reward

  1. You should wait at least several weeks before inquiring whether you the information you have provided has earned a reward. At any time you can call the toll-free number (1-800-aaa-bbbb) to hear a voice recording. This recording will give the first 4 digits of all PIN numbers that have earned a reward. A list of the first 4 digits of “reward PIN numbers” will also be advertised in daily newspapers. For example, if your PIN is 23456789876543, the first 4 digits are 2345—not the last digits, 6543.
  2. If the first 4 digits of your PIN number matches any of those announced or publicized, you should call another toll-free number (1-800-ccc-dddd). Now you will be asked to provide the first 8 digits of your PIN number to verify that you may in fact have a PIN number that matches a reward number that includes the first 4 digits. This time, you must transmit the 8 digits verbally over the phone. You cannot use an automatic dialing machine or computer. In the above example, the first 8 digits of your PIN are 23456789. Do not give all 14 digits of your pin at this time—only the first 8 digits! In fact, the operator who takes your call will not record more than the first 8 digits that you provide. This is a safeguard for you so no one in the government can learn your full 14-digit PIN number until it is determined that your PIN number probably qualifies for a reward. This procedure gives you a way to find out if you deserve a reward with high probability without having to give your full 14-digit PIN number. This guarantees that someone else, even someone in the government, will not learn your full PIN number until you actually collect the money (step 4 below).
  3. If the first 8 digits of your PIN number match a “reward PIN number”, your call will be transferred to a special agency where someone will instruct you on the various ways that you can collect your reward without being identified in any way. Again, do not give your full 14-digit PIN at this time—only the first 8 digits. If you are not sure about what you want to do at this time, you can hang up and repeat step 2 above at any time. When you are ready, you will be given yet another toll-free number to call back and give your decision. This toll-free number will be given only to those who have reached this step by providing a proper 8-digit number. Remember, by the time you reach this agency it is very likely that your PIN qualifies for a reward because the first 8 digits you entered in step 2 match a “reward PIN number”. However, the chance that someone could guess the first 8 digits of our full PIN number at this point are less than one in ten thousand (because they could only know the first 4 digits that were publicized).
  4. After you have decided how you want to collect your reward, you may call the toll-free number given in step 3 and make your request. Still, do not give your full 14-digit number to the person who answers. You must give your full 14-digit or longer PIN number only when you or a representative actually collects your reward money.
  5. Types of Rewards Available: The options for collecting your reward will include sending a friend or attorney to collect a cash reward from a government agency or bank, designating a bank account anywhere in the world to receive your reward, asking for a secret numbered bank account to be set up for you or your representative in any country such as Switzerland that allows such accounts, asking the U.S. government to hold your reward money for later retrieval, and a variety of other procedures that will guarantee that you will not be identified by anyone in the U.S. government. All that will be required is that you or the person collecting your reward will only have to supply your full 14-digit PIN number, no questions asked, no other identity required. When you collect your reward is the only time that you must supply your full 14-digit PIN number, which is known only to you or your representative.

Information for Which Rewards Will Be Paid

The rewards for information should be publicized and listed in the above instructions for potential users. For instance:

  • $10,000 cash will be paid for the name and location of any person who has assisted, planned, or carried out an act of terrorism in the U.S. provided such acts are proven in a court of law.
  • $100,000 cash will be paid for the name and location of any terrorist leader anywhere in the world who is a leader and/or organizer of a terrorist cell, terrorist training camp, or a supplier of finances, resources, or information to terrorist groups.
  • $5,000,000 for information that leads to the capture of Osama bin Laden.

Donate Your Reward to a Charity or Cause of Your Choice

If you are worried that you might still be identified in some way by collecting your reward as suggested in step 5 above, you can tell the U.S government to send your reward to any humanitarian or educational institution or charity you specify, so long as that institution does not sponsor terrorism or violence against anyone. For instance, you can designate the UN Food Relief Organization, The Red Cross in any country, scholarship funds for students from any county, or churches or religious groups. The U.S. government will publicly verify that it has made a donation in the amount of your reward and identified by your PIN so that you can be assured that it was received.

This PIN Number reward scheme should be put in operation for the U.S. and the free world immediately. Implementing this scheme costs almost nothing where public phones are available. We need no permission from any other country. Any informer can use a public phone to dial a U.S. toll-free number and provide information with his PIN number.

The FBI is already broadcasting toll-free numbers. But informers who must remain anonymous for their own safety cannot expect rewards. There is now no way to make the connection without the informer’s identity. Hence, there is no incentive for many very knowledgeable informers to take the risk. The above PIN number scheme could make an enormous difference. All we have to do is start publicizing the instructions and the enormous rewards that are being paid out to those who have used the PIN number scheme. The word will get out to the world in short order. Terrorists will never know who is informing on their activities and whereabouts.

Throw-Away Cell Phones For Remote Areas

We can provide secure communication to those in terrorist-dominated regions and undeveloped countries where secure public phones are not available. We have the means on-the-shelf today to supply millions of citizens in terrorist dominated countries with simple, inexpensive “informer cell phones” ($30 each) that will allow them to easily and safely provide information on the whereabouts and activities of terrorist groups. Again, the PIN number scheme will give informants guaranteed anonymity and large financial rewards beyond the dreams of most impoverished citizens in terrorist dominated countries. This is a simple, quick, inexpensive, and, yet potentially insidious attack we can make on many terrorist groups in regions where they believe they are safe because citizens have no outside communication. When we break the silence forced on local populations by terrorist groups in the Middle East and Afghanistan, we destroy the main protection the terrorists enjoy and we flush them out of their holes.

The PIN number scheme and the “informer cell phone system” proposed herein can be in operation within a few months. We can use either portable, ground-based Cell Receiving Stations or the existing and extensive satellite cell phone systems such as Iridium. This could be a new major purpose for the existing cell phone satellite system that is now underutilized because it was not economically viable. This is an all-win–no-lose project that can be started for less than $10,000,000—less than a single, small overseas military operation. Information gained could greatly enhance the effectiveness of military and intelligence strikes against terrorists. At the very least, this will strike terror in the hearts of the terrorists for a change because there is very little they can do to stop it.

The Informer Cell Phone

Each informer cell phone will have only one transmit button that connects the caller to a Cell Receiving Station. A light indicator on the phone will tell the user when the cell phone signal can be heard by a cell receiver and a call can be made. Written instructions will be provided with each cell phone or inscribed on the phone which instruct the person how to use the phone and how to obtain very large rewards for information leading to the whereabouts or activities of terrorists. A voice announcement back to the caller will also repeat the instructions.

Voice announcements in appropriate languages can easily be stored in the cell phones using inexpensive memory chips of the kind used in talking toys.

Solar cells installed on the informer cell phones (such as demonstrated by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute) would allow users to charge the cell phone batteries by simply leaving them in the sunlight for a day or so. Thus, the phones can be used over long periods of time whenever the opportunity arises.

Motorola and others have already announced inexpensive mechanical windup battery chargers (made by Freeplay and AladdinPower) that would allow these phones to used indefinitely in remote areas.

We can air-drop tens to hundreds of thousands of these informer cell phones over areas such as Afghanistan and the Middle East where the indigenous population and educated citizens alike can pick them up and safely use them according to simple instructions provided in writing.

Delivery of the Informer Cell Phones

The “informer cell phones” can be air-dropped in colorful packages so that locals can easily find them in mountainous areas. The phones can be dropped at night in secure packages without parachutes in urban areas (the author pioneered the now standard military procedure of dropping food packages to refugees from high altitude without using parachutes. Cell phones can be dropped the same way). The cell phones can be designed to communicate with satellite receivers or Cell Stations on the ground.

Self-contained and solar powered Cell Stations (Small Cell Phone Receiving and Switching Units) can be placed in remote areas and on mountaintops in hostile areas at very little risk to U.S. military personnel. Airplanes flying overhead can also carry Cell Stations that can receive calls from “informer cell phones” over large areas. After an area is invaded by ground troops, secure Cell Stations can be installed to receive calls from persons in forward areas under control of hostile commanders and terrorists leaders.

The cell phone industry can begin supplying large numbers of these basic informer cell phones within a month or two. They can be manufactured for less than $30 dollars each. Both the hand held phones and the Receiving Cell Stations can be designed to send and receive frequencies that will not interfere with normal cell phone systems.

Getting the Word Out

Soon after the first “informer cell phones” are dropped in some hostile area, we will want to drop leaflets in the same area and widely publicize to the world and that we have already paid out millions of dollars in rewards for valuable information that has led to the capture of international criminals. We will remind all that this money is being paid to the families and friends of informers who live in other countries where it is safe for them to come forward and collect the rewards. We will explain the “Informer PIN” number scheme described above.

It matters not that 99 out of 100 of these phones are never used or are confiscated by hostile forces. Just one valuable piece of information could justify the total cost of this project. It can be expected that the majority of messages received will be deliberate deceptions. That will most certainly occur. But intelligence people have the skills to weed
out the noise and recognize some potentially valuable information. Our intelligence services deal with that problem everyday.

Using The Satellite Cell Phone System

The existing cell phone satellite communication systems in orbit, such as Iridium, can be used to receive messages directly without the need for ground-based Cell Stations. It is possible that the cell phone satellites now in orbit could function as the cell receiving stations and that no ground cell stations would be needed. If so, this “informer cell phone system” could be put in business instantly on a worldwide basis and it would be far more difficult to jam and/or disable. This possibility must be investigated immediately.

A Proper Name

This informer cell phone scheme should probably be officially called something like “freedom phones” that can free the masses of people who are captives of terrorist regimes.


Obviously, there are a variety of ways that this scheme can be thwarted. But all countermeasures will cost an adversary real money and time. Terrorist groups on the move will likely not have the means to selectively stop all “informer” communication from citizens in surrounding areas. Any attempt to jam or disable all cell phone communications in any area will also deny terrorists the use of cell phone communication as well.

The Informer PIN number concept provides a simple way to test the truthfulness of translators needed to translate messages in foreign languages. Intelligence supervisors can make up “dummy” messages with known PIN numbers. The translators will have no way of knowing whether a message is real or a test.

Preventing Bogus Information

The nature of the cell phone system is that each cell phone broadcasts its own unique identification number. Hence, after the first message is received the cell phone ID number and the informer’s PIN number can be matched together for future reference. This means we prevent terrorists from using any one phone for multiple false messages. Also, cell receiving stations can be programmed to allow only a fixed number of calls from any one “informer” cell phone—say, two calls per day. In this manner, terrorists cannot use one or a few informer phones to send many false messages or jam the cell receivers with continuous calls from a few informer phones.

Terrorist groups and governments could use booby-trapped cell phones to discourage citizens from picking them up and using them. The Russians did this with small bombs disguised as toys and rocks in Afghanistan. One solution to this is to make the informer cell phones with clear plastic cases so that anyone can see that the internal components consist of only simple electronic circuits.


In their least-effective form, the Informer PIN number system and the informer cell phones are still a major psychological attack on terrorist leaders. This gives us the means to offer and deliver great rewards to informers and their families here on Earth while terrorist leaders can promise only milk and honey in “suicide heaven”. The
uncertainty created among terrorist leaders will substantially disrupt their activities. They will know that they can be betrayed at any time by anyone in their captive populations or support staffs who knows their whereabouts and plans—simply because anonymous informants can safely receive large rewards that the terrorists can not match in any earthly fashion.

Implementing the Informer PIN number scheme for informants will cost nothing. The informer cell phones proposed herein can be manufactured for the cost of throwaway cameras that are purchased by the millions today. American companies have the technology needed on-the-shelf today. These phones can be air-dropped to millions as easily as propaganda leaflets. This can be done within a few months—not years—with no danger to American personnel. Both schemes must be seriously considered by the planners of the war on terrorism.

Communication and information have been the most important factor in winning modern wars. It is essential to winning any war on terrorism. Unfortunately, it will take our intelligence services years to recruit and place even a few professional informants within terrorist groups and terrorist-dominated countries. Terrorist groups must depend on the silence of associates and poverty-stricken local populations. The Informer PIN and cell phone schemes can break this silence.

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